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Management Objectives

  • To ensure the maintenance of a viable population of tiger for scientific, economic, aesthetic, cultural and ecological values.
  • To preserve areas of such biological importance as a National Heritage for the benefit of education and awareness of the people.
  • To conserve the diversity and interspersions of the habitat of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and maintain the same by securing the perpetuation of grasslands through manipulative management, including the use of fire as a tool. This would enhance the welfare factors for ungulates to foster a viable population of tigers.
  • To strengthen protection measures against poaching, illegal collection of forest produce, forest fires and cattle diseases.
  • To conserve and develop the water sources on scientific principles.
  • To control and regulate eco-tourism activities judiciously in the park and to provide appropriate interpretation facilities in order to promote conservation awareness among visitors, and local masses including students.
  • To conduct research and monitor all aspects, including the methods to achieve the foregoing objectives.
  • To plough back a major portion of the Gate Receipts (Entry Fee) from eco-tourism for several urgent purposes including ensuring the welfare of local EDC members.
  • To involve people in strengthening the conservation by providing eco-development inputs in the villages around the Reserve in a participatory manner through site-specific micro plans.
  • To minimize the man-animal conflict and dependency on the PA.
  • To Trans-locate tigers (excess tigers/tigers moving nearby human habitations) to other tiger reserve with low density.
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