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Topography and Geography

Situated in the Indo-Malayan Realm floristically, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is member of the Oriental Region zoo-geographically and the bio-geographic location falls in zone 6E: Deccan Peninsula – Central Highlands. While the Park area shows extremely uneven topography consisting of sharp crested hills and narrow valleys, the area of the Panpatha Sanctuary is generally plain with few undulating hillocks in some parts.

Bandhavgarh hill is aflat toppedhill having gentle northerly slope corresponding to lone dip of the Bandhavgarh sandstone beds. The main hill is surrounded by 32 hillocks.BTR lies in a deciduous zone and is covered with sandstone formations. It is a well-known aquifer and is characterized by porosity and permeability. Sandstone is capable of high recharge and discharge making it as a storehouse of ground water, resulting in high water tables in many parts of the Reserve.

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