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Field Director's Message

Keeping pace with the changing world, BTR management also put a step towards the digitalised world. This website is designed to deliver a comprehensive insight about the Historical and Natural heritage of Bandhavgarh. With a positive note, I believe that the website will surely provide great help to wildlife enthusiasts & tourists who are planning to visit natures’ thrill and to see the prowling tigers in this amazing Jungle.

As forest officers, we are determined to conserve nature but I am willing to urge everyone to preserve nature as everyone knows the importance of conservation but this is time to make it a habit.

By Quoting a Shloka of Atharvaveda I wish everyone a great year ahead.

माता भूमिः पुत्रोऽहं पृथिव्याः।


The Earth is my mother and I am her child

Shri L L Uikey, IFS

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